FC Watersports
The next chapter
Where it all began

A life on the water, since ’85

FC Watersports has been helping the adventurous to get out on the water for over 30 years. As true watermen we have loved evolving with the sports and the times. We have lived for windsurfing, we were there for the birth of kitesurfing, and have played our part in the explosion of paddleboarding. From organising WindFest to launching The Watersports Academy, we have helped to shape the local watersports industry for decades.

SUP Inflatables

Embracing a love of paddleboarding

In 2013, we launched SUP Inflatables. A dedicated online inflatable paddleboard store, committed to only stocking high quality products that offer the most genuine paddling experience. SUP Inflatables quickly grew into the UK’s biggest iSUP store, stocking a vast range of SUP boards, SUP wear and accessories.

Passion 4 Paddleboards

Our paddling community

Paddleboarding is so much more than just a sport. It is a lifestyle, it is wonderfully inclusive and it offers so many opportunities for fun and adventure. Our new website, passion4paddleboards.co.uk, is an online resource for the paddling community, full of engaging and impartial articles on sup kit, events near you, routes, travel and more.

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