1. Cabrinha Switchblade 2018

    Cabrinha Switchblade 2018

    The 2018 cabrinha switchblade is for discerning rider who values unrivaled predictability and uncompromising high end performance. For those that want style, power, performance and craftsmanship.: 

    For a rider who wants unrivaled predictability, unmatched versatility and uncompromising high end performance and quality. Whether you’re boosting big air, throwing down technical tricks, or simply out for a fun session on your own terms, the SB provides the ultimate kiting experience. 


    5 Strut, Bow / Hybrid design, Fusion wing tip shape, Draft forward profile 


    • Profile refinements improve the overall performance for 2018
    • New High Tenacity Dacron enhances the arc stability
    • Ultimate performance in the widest range of conditions
      and variety of riding styles
    • Smooth power delivery
    • Ridiculously high hang times
    • Predictable handling with improved stability and range
    • Large sweet spot
    • Great upwind performance
    • Distinctly agile and light precision steering
    • Easy relaunch 
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  2. Cabrinha FX 2018 Released

    Cabrinha FX 2018 Released

    The New Cabrinha 2018 FX has been launched.

    For riders that mix hooked and unhooked freestyle tricks, love huge jumps & kite loops. 


    3 Strut, Modified C shape arc, Box wing tip design, Lean entry profile, the New 2018 Cabrinha FX features extra attachments, for Freeride, Kiteloop and wakestyle, this gives the FX more tunabiltiy for 2018

    Exploding on to the scene in 2016 the FX catapulted to the top of the freestyle crossover market. The highly responsive platform gives you power for explosive pop, and the perfect amount of boost for huge lofty airs. The modified C shape arc allows you to throw aggressive kiteloops, with the ability for the kite to hit the apex before transitioning into a soft landing. The pulley-less bridle is short and tight, increasing reactivity and user feedback. Its lightning fast turning speed, direct steering, and quick relaunch make it perfect for intermediate to highly advanced riders. The FX kite effortlessly bridges the gap between freestyle and freeride to create the perfect crossover kite.


    • Explosive pop and great hang time
    • Great line slack for unhooked riding
    • Forward pull for kiteloops
    • Excellent for vertical boosts
    • Highly responsive & direct steering
    • Smooth power delivery
    • More drive than a traditional C-shaped kite
    • Predictable handling
    • Quick recovery
    • Good upwind performance
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  3. Cabrinha Drifter 2018 Released

    Cabrinha Drifter 2018 Released
    The Cabrinha 2018 Drifter is Specially designed for kitesurfing in waves and surf freestyle, the New 2018 cabrinha Drifter has incresed drift, a more pro


    3 Strut, Hybrid design, Wing tip coning, 2 bridle setting options 

    Purpose built for kite surfing, the Drifter is known for its drift stability, precise turning, and instant power and depower. Dominating the podium with multiple World Tour Kitesurfing Wave Championship titles in both the men’s and women's divisions, it delivers a perfect blend of the best elements for riding waves. Three well-placed struts keep the profile of the kite upright and compact, so you can turn on a dime and power and depower on command. Two bridle tuning options optimize performance for offshore wind conditions or onshore winds. Its standout characteristic, coined “Slack Line Drift”, defines its exceptional ability to drift downwind and stay aloft when the lines are slackened. The Drifter’s ability to get you up and going with a short depower travel allows you to drop in, accelerate, then dump the power completely to snap or carve turns. These characteristics combined that have put this kite at the top of its class for six years running.


    • All new Design for 2018
    • Dedicated surf kite
    • Best ‘Slack Line Drift’ on the market
    • Exclusive Onshore and Offshore tuning options
    • Precision turning
    • Get all the power you need, with the ability to dump it for a pure surf feeling
    • Amazing relaunch
    • Quick kite acceleration and deceleration
    • Excellent for surf freestyle with a surfboard, skimboard or wakeboard
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  4. The New Core XR5 Tested

    The New Core XR5 Tested

    The New Core XR5 Tested

     has arrived with much aticipation the Core brand has gone from strenght to strenght in the last 2 years with some amazing results, if you have not has the chance to take a look at there kites and boards then make sure you give them a try you will not be disspapointed.

    First impressions as usual from Core is the attention to detail, i have never see this much care put into a product in the kite industry. the second thing you notice when you remove the XR5 from a well desinged bag is that the canopy material feels like no other kite on the market, its super crisp, and has a nice waxy feel to it. Core have develpoed there own materail called Core Tex Triple Ripstop canopy, you certainly feel that you have you moneys worth.

    Core have there own inflation system called the Speed valve 2, its a great system as long as you have a Pump that fits it! some of the newer pumps have a slightly thicker Diameter and will not fit the speed valve system so make sure its something you check? maybe core could all there own pump hose to the kite bag as an additional feature. having said this the inflation system is super clean and inflates the kite quickly.

    The new XR5 is a Delta Bow shaped kite this give the XR5 the bouns of great lowend, upwind prefromace, and also insane boosting! so lets see what the XR5 is all about.

    On the water we flew the XR5 12m in 18 - 25 knots, setting up the XR5 you have quite a few options to fine tune the bridle to how you want the kite to feel, we tested it on the stock middle settings which a good percentage of riders will use.

    The first thing that struck me was just how stable and solid the XR5 is there is very litle if any flutteirng of the canopy when depowered or whilst turning the kite, you just know the kites going to be good!.. The XR5 is not the fastest turning kite in a 12m but its more than compensated by the power it generates, this kite has a really progressive power surge, and once up a going the XR5 rockets upwind, with a little nudge out on the bar the upwind angle becomes amazing. 

    The Bar pressure on the XR5 is a medium pressure, in previous years the core kites have had a light bar pressure making them feel a little spongy, but this is a vast improvment and really helps to know where the kite is in the window, also it does make the XR5 feel far more direct. 

    Jumping with the XR5 is an amazing experience, it really does have insane amounts of lift, and hangtime, its bascially a german Rocket ship! we did have a few scary moments when dialing into the kite, we found that it likes to be kept moving slightly as it seem to drop you a litte if left parket at the zenith! but once you get the feel for it, boom its sublime. It has some supreb float and gives you some soft landings.

    un-hooked its not really the XR5 strong point with it flying forward and creating constant pull, you may need to hit the gym if you want to muscle this kite back into the hook! having said that on lighter wind days the stability and speed of the kite could give you that extra edge and get you hucking some freestlye or hitting up some rails.

    Looping the XR5 is fun its plently quick enough and has the stability to catch you on the upstroke, its not an out and out kitelooper but it sure does the job. this kite is just imense fun and has incredible preformace under the bonnet, its the Audi RS6 of the kiteworld.. it does everything well.

    we flew the XR5 on the Sensor 2s bar and for all the critisicm out there about the saftey and bar, i think it could be one of the nicest bars on the market, comfy grip, light and clean and the cleat system works well, it might be a little to far away for shorter armed riders but the toggle could be extended. the ceramic twsits is just superb and its always untangled you dont even need to pull down on the bar to un twist.

    Build Quality 10

    Graphics 10

    upwind 10

    Wakestyle 6

    boosting 11 out of 10!

    Waves 7

    User friendly 9 

    relaunch 9 

    low end 9 

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  5. Slingshot Mixer 2018 Surfboard 5"6, 5"8 5"10

    Slingshot Mixer 2018 Surfboard 5"6, 5"8 5"10


    So its that time of year when we get some Sneek peaks of the 2018 gear, here is the new board from Slingshot, its called the Mixer and wow it looks fun, it comes in 3 sizes 5"6 5"8 and 5"10 we cannot comment yet on how it rides and it would not be good to just give you false infomation regarding its performance, as we really like to put our kit through its paces before giving it a geniune review. We will have the first one to test in the UK in August so keep your eyes peeled for an up comming video and more images. we know it will be good as slingshot really love what they do.

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  6. f-one Furtive 8m Tested:

    f-one Furtive 8m Tested:


    The F-one furtive is a new kite from F-one, its been specifically designed with Speed and boosting in mind! and boy does it not disappoint. The Furtive is a high aspect ration 5 strut kite with a new bridle that incorperates the concept of the 5th line and a bridle its called the W5 due to the bridle shape being a W shape. Basically it provides unrivalled support and more depower. 

    The first thing you notice once the furtive is in the sky is that its feels slower to turn than the bandit, this is pretty normal for a high aspect ration kite so bear this in mind, at the zenith the Furtive is a little twitchy and wants to overfly slightly so you really have to be kite flyer to understand this kite, its not for the beginner or intermediate  rider out there. 

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  7. RRD Juice V4 2017 Freestyle Twin tip Tested

    RRD Juice V4 2017 Freestyle Twin tip Tested

    RRD Juice V4 : tested 

    Every season The RRD boards turn up for test and they just get better and better, this is the Juice V4 touted as their top end freestlye board weather is Powered wakestyle  or Boosted Freestyle this board has it all.. 

    RRD have added a new lamination process to the V4 Coupled with and upgraded P-tex Slick base it means you throw the Juice V4 at any obstacle and it will be super happy to take the hits!. Word from RRD is that a reduction in the negative flex pattern has incresed the pop and control at the top end. 

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  8. Naish Boxer 2017 Single Strut Kite

    Naish Boxer 2017 Single Strut Kite

    Naish Boxer 2017 : Tested 

    Naish have revmaped and releasd the Naish Boxer, and completely revamped it and turned it into a Single strut kite. the single strut market is growing as we enter new territory with Foiling. we are fiding that the Single strut kite is incredibly versatile so what did we think of Naish Kiteboarding Boxer offering. 

    Naish's new Quad Tex material, which is 30% stronger and stiffer than traditional kite materials has entered the market place in 2017, the material really is a leap forward in quality and feel, the kite is a lot stiffer to the touch and this has enabled Naish to produce a single strut kite that retains the rigidty of a 3 strut kite. if you also take a good look at the Boxer above the single strut there is a Wedge of material conencting the canopy to the strut, that gives the canopy the freedom to expand and contract, this is really good in gusty wind as it helps to stabilse the power.

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  9. Core Fusion 3 Freeride / Freestyle Twin tip

    Core Fusion 3 Freeride / Freestyle Twin tip

    Core Fusion 3 Twin Tip - Freeride / Freestyle 

    So vary Rarely do we get excited about Twin tips but when a new board comes through the Post from Core you know its going to be good, this brand is genuinely in a good position to become the number 1 kite / board brand on the market, with their exceptional quality and german precision. This a brand that means serious business. What we really like about Core is there attention to detail weather thats the little info tags on each part of the equipment or the tech Sheet that comes with your new purchase. its likes unwrapping that new iPhone or Apple product. its product you genuinely do not mind spending a premium on. Unwrapping the New core fusion 3 was a bit like the scene from Pulp Fiction when they open the suitcase.. you just dont know where to look first, the carbon Cartan, construction gleams, the Footpads have some snowboard style ratchets on them, the Rail is shaped with a 9mm to 3mm drop from centre to tip!.. then you turn it over and see the V shaped keel, the Double concave, the multi channels and the 3D diamonds!.. my god the work that has gone into this board is phenomenal. You just know that once you hit the water you will not be disappointed, we tested it in 20knots in relatively choppy uk waters and here is what we found!..............

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  10. Slingshot Vision 140 2017 Tested

    Slingshot Vision 140 2017 Tested


    The Vision is Slingshot’s ‘performance all-round’ twin tip. It’s designed for riders who do a bit of everything, but do it to a good standard. It has been in the range for a while now and it has always been a board that we have looked forward to checking out as it generally provides a really accessible high performance experience. In terms of construction, the Vision has the super tough Dura-Light base, it has the NACA laser cut channels and it has the new Bedrock insert mounting system which has helped Slinghsot to bring the weight of the board down without compromising the strength or integrity.

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