1. Restube Special Offer

    Restube Special Offer

    Restube Review & Special Offer

    What is a Restube?

    In short, restube is a personal floatation device (PFD). You wear the device around your waist or can attach it to your harness. Should you need you can pull a tab and a floatation bag automatically inflates. This multipurpose PFD can be used across a wide range of watersports, the Restube Sport being perfect for kitesurfing as it includes a harness attachement system.

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  2. F-one Trax HRD Lite Tech Tested

    F-one Trax HRD Lite Tech Tested

    TESTED: F-ONE TRAX HRD LITE TECH The F-One Trax is one of an elite number of boards that have achieved pure ‘legendary’ status. It has been around for many years and the changes each year are always incremental meaning that the Trax just get a little bit better each year. This year sees the Lite Tech continuing to add a bit of bling to the Trax and the graphics overall have had a visit from the graphics department. We’re pretty pleased to see a bit of color introduced into the lineup… In terms of construction the standout feature for us is F-ONE’s HRD rail which is unique to their board line and delivers precise rail response depending on the part of the rail that is engaged at any particular time. So the tips have a thin rail for precise take offs and landings and plenty of grip, then between these and the mid-section of the board – where your feet are – the rail is thicker and inverted.

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  3. The New Naish Slash 2017 Kite tried and tested

    The New Naish Slash 2017 Kite tried and tested

     NAISH SLASH 2017 

    There was much excitement on hearing that Naish were bringing out a ‘pure surf’ kite… The Pivot had been a favorite of the test team and had been a great kite in the waves so we were excited to see what extra qualities the Slash would be bringing to the party… The first point to note is the fact that the Slash is built from Naish’s new Quad-Tex material. There has been much hype around this and, as a canopy material, it really does have a whole new look and feel… Profile wise and the Slash is pure ‘three strut boxy kite’. It looks like it is coiled up and ready to let loose! 

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  4. The New 2017 Slingshot Turbine Tested by the Fcwatersports team

    The New 2017 Slingshot Turbine Tested by the Fcwatersports team


    The Turbine has been in the Slingshot range for a while as their lightwind kite. Last year they thought they would experiment with downsizing it… And they were impressed. So for 2017 they have gone hard out and introduced a whole new range of sizes. The 15-19m remain focused on lightwind riding, the 11 and 13m sizes work as lightwind kites for most guys or as a ‘nuked up’ option on moderate days for regular riders, and there is then 5, 7 and 9m versions which are now high-octane performance freeride machines – they are designed for boosting big and for riding hard.

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  5. F-one Bandit X Tested and in stock here at Fcwatersports

    F-one Bandit X Tested and in stock here at Fcwatersports


    Well, it’s a big birthday for the Bandit. The kite which blew minds on its first release has now managed 10 years of continued innovation… It is interesting to look back at how it has evolved from the Bandit V1 as it’s a microcosm of the changes that we have seen across a lot of kites over the last decade and sums up their philosophy of ‘continuous improvements’. 

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  6. Ride Engine 2017 Harnesses are Here Fcwatersports to become UK demo centre

    Ride Engine 2017 Harnesses are Here Fcwatersports to become UK demo centre

    The Elite Bamboo harness features a super stiff and light weight shell that the rest of the harness is built around. For those who want the very best in high-performance materials and construction, this is the harness for you. When compared to the Hex Core model, the Elite is slightly stiffer, lighter and more durable. 
    2017 Updates:
    • Improved waist belt with reworked spreader bar integration system 
    • Upgraded backplate stitching for increased durability 
    • Neoprene added to the interior of the waistbelt for added comfort and cushion 
    • Kite knife pocket added 
    • New sizes added: XS through XXL now available  

    • Hard-shell construction 
    • Precision fit 
    • Lumbar Lock
    • Low profile 
    • Fusion foam 
    • Integrated waist belt 
    • Speed-loop closure 
    • Kite knife pouch 

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  7. Welcome to the FC Watersports Blog!

    Welcome to the FC Watersports Blog!

    The all-new FC Watersports Blog is here!

    We're very excited to launch our brand new Blog section.  With so many kitesurf brands and models available, knowing which kite or board is the best for you can be tricky. That's why we're here to help. This blog section will be home to frequent kit reviews that give a real rider's perspective on what's hot and what's not.


    Three Reasons we can offer the best advice:

    1.  We are lucky enough to be based right on the water's edge in Sandbanks, Poole, with our front door opening onto the harbour and the back door onto the open sea. This gives us immediate access to one of the UK's premier kitesurf locations. We can test kites, boards and accessories in various conditions, from flat water freestyle in the harbour to riding waves on a good day off Banks Road. Kitesurfing in a lunch-break... dream job!

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